Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Wife Is Buff!

This is my wife, and she is tough.

It is a really cool thing being married to a personal trainer. I mean, she's fit and sexy...definetely MAJOR bragging rights for a guy such as myself.

At the same time, I have to watch out! When we were dating, she was still in the process of losing some weight and learning how to exercise. Back in those days, I used to show her things. Now, she totally dominates in me in fitness. She has so completely surpassed me. It's like she has evolutionized before my eyes into this advanced being. People that have done her health assesments recently have been amazed at her health scores being off the charts.

See, now I must beware, lest I lose an arm! It's a weird place, being an average guy married to a fitness guru. The 'old school' in me struggles with the idea of being the lesser talent physically. At work, people always threaten to tell my wife when they see me eating some candy. "Oh, you're going to get it!" they say as they dial her number.

However, the missus has shown me grace from time to time, which is good. I need a little more slack as I lack talent in self restraint. This little lady of mine is such a valuable resource for fitness and is teaching me so much.

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David Wright said...

"It's like she has evolutionized before my eyes into this advanced being."
The scientist in me will not let go of this seemingly harmless fallacy in public perception of evolutionary thought. It is important to realize that evolution does not connotate "progress". Evolution is not a darwinian assembly line. It is not a ladder with higher rungs leading to an "advanced" population. A better physical representation would be a tree, branching into many pathways where each branch carries the same significance (or insignificance, depends on your perspective) as the others.
Thank you,
that is all.

Machoo said...

well, then dave...your sister is one sexy looking branch!

davey said...